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Wintsec Technologies started in 2004 with the goal of helping companies with their Information Technology needs. They understood just how specialized and diverse the IT world had become and knew it was difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to employ enough skilled IT staff to handle it all.  We were determined to assist.

 From our first days in operation, Wintsec has focused on delivering quality IT services and exceptional customer support. It wasn’t long before we developed a reputation for excellence and were able to expand our offerings so companies could get all their Information Technology services in one place. We began offering graphic design, branding, and digital marketing and hired skilled experts to deliver each specialized service for our clients.

 Today, we are a full-service company that partners with small, medium and large firms in a variety of industries to deliver operational and project-based resources for all kinds of IT needs. We are proud of the exceptional work we do for our clients and relish our role in helping them achieve growth and success. 

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