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Cloud services in this day and age allows you to keep working, no matter where you are as long as you have a steady internet connection. Wintsec partners with various vendors to get you up and running.

Microsoft O365

Microsoft O365 allows you to manage multiple parts of your business – your professional email, file storage, collaborative file management, team communication, and device management all in one ecosystem. You can use as many or as little elements as works with your business, or set up a consultation with our team to plan it out:

Cloud Based Email: 50GB and 100GB mailboxes, with different levels to match your needs such as included desktop programs, encryption, and more.

Microsoft Teams: Communicate within your company with both one-on-one and group chats. Share files with team members easily, as well as hold video and voice calls whether with two or two hundred people with the option of a dial-in number.

SharePoint Online: Set up an intranet site or document repository for your company easily with SharePoint – make information easy to search and find to be collaborated on with team members, and easy to use permissions. 

OneDrive: For your personal files, each user that has OneDrive gets 1TB of data that syncs back into the cloud. When combined with backing up their local folders, it makes it easy to access or migrate from device to device. 

Azure AD & Intune: Have company provided devices such as computers, laptops, and phones? Azure AD makes it easy to keep everyone synced into the Microsoft environment, as well as manage devices given out. Give or remove access with relative ease.

In addition, with the ecosystem, streamline your work and increase productivity with how each element works together; Open files within OneDrive or SharePoint directly from within your Office apps and Outlook. 

Barracuda Cloud

Bolster your O365 email with extra strength via Barracuda as an add on:

Email Filter: Connect to your O365 company email to add filtering as the frontline against Spam, Malware and other malicious emails, backed with Barracuda’s own Real Time Protection. Customize the filter to your needs, and allow individuals to manage their white/blacklists via their personal Quarantine accounts.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backups: Daily backups of each of O365’s services, including email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.