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VoIP / Voice / Video & Unified Communications

Adoption rates of corporate hosted VoIP and managed VoIP systems are on the rise, as more enterprises are attempting to reduce the costs and complexities of deploying VoIP for their businesses. Along with the goals of lowering costs and simplifying the implementation process of hosted VoIP systems, organizations are tasked with trying to understand the many facets and capabilities of today’s hosted VoIP systems – and how they add value to the enterprise. As a part of this process, they are evaluating the opportunities these communications systems provide for better productivity and enhanced communication services, all leading towards the goal of revenue growth.

Wintsec offers top-of-the-line collaboration products that integrate with market-leading service provider offerings, tailoring Cisco-based VoIP solutions to each customer’s needs. This type of partnership allows for differentiated collaboration solutions for each user, based on their role in the organization. Each piece of the solution can be turned on or off as needed, scaled to the business’s need, and managed by a centralized interface.

Cisco Call Manager

A VoIP System consists of cutting-edge equipment, featuring everything a small or mid-sized business would need in a phone system. Owing to world-class features, a Cisco VoIP System has become the #1 choice among small and mid-sized businesses.

As name indicates, VoIP or Voice Internet Protocol enables both data and voice travel on a single network, reducing the cost and complexity of wiring in your office.

Wintsec can help you implement a new VoIP system either in our hosted environment or at your office. We can administer and/or upgrade your existing phone system. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

Video Conferencing Solutions

An estimated 95% of meeting rooms are a technology wasteland. Let Wintsec Technologies change this for your organization. We can cost-effectively facilitate face-to-face collaboration on devices from board room quality immersive systems to mobile devices.

Cisco conferencing products are based on an integrated, end-to-end architecture that uses the intelligent network for comprehensive, better user experiences that are highly secure and reliable. Deploy video that is easy to deploy, integrate, use, and maintain. Users benefit from:

  • Intuitive interactions
  • Less dependence on IT
  • One identity across all devices

Contact us and begin to transform your business processes with video conferencing.

Cisco Jabber Solutions

Collaborate Anywhere on Any Device with Cisco Jabber.

Give your teams the freedom to be productive from anywhere, on any device, with Cisco Jabber. Cisco Jabber lets you access presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. Now you can find the right people, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using your preferred method.

Microsoft Teams

Set up new or have us integrate your existing Microsoft tenant with Microsoft Teams. Manage internal communications and projects with your team via group chats, video calls, or expand to manage larger scale webinars and external calling from Teams itself, thus having a phone wherever you have a steady internet connection.

Zoom Conferencing

For one on one or group video meetings and webinars, Wintsec can get you up and running with Zoom conferencing.  We’ll help with planning and recommending necessary equipment for your personal computer, or even full conference rooms. Save recordings and even post the videos online to show your video conferences to your audience.

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