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Highly skilled IT experts and services, available when you need them, for a much lower cost than doing it yourself.

You probably already know that Managed IT Services can help you control and reduce  IT and labor costs.  You only pay for what you need, when you need it.  You don’t have to onboard staff or buy new IT equiment to complete a particular project.  You don’t need to hire and train IT staff to keep up with your growing business.  You can avoid continuously buying new technology to stay in step with the competition.

You already know this, so let us tell you about the full range of services we provide.

Service Desk/Help Desk

A business like Wintsec’s is only as good as its service desk.  We know that our service delivery and the experience we offer are intimately linked to the quality of our service desk.  That’s why when implementing service desk best practices, we combine 13 years of company experience with external resources from inside and outside our industry.  The result: an ITIL-based service desk with ITIL-certified managers and team leads.

You can choose just how much or how little support you want from us.  You can completely outsource your service desk, get a little extra help to round out your team, or have us manage your service desk operations and implement best practices.

Systems Monitoring

Network monitoring is critical for maintaining the health of your system, ensuring availabiltiy, and improving performance.  When done well, network monitoring involves around-the-clock system oversight as well as data flow and access optimization.

We will monitor your network and report issues, often before you even know a problem has occurred.  We also perform daily network inspections to ensure it is operating efficiently and data is backed-up properly.  We resolve network problems, questionable user activity, malware and spam issues, and remote connectiviy problems – all from a remote location, quickly and expertly.

Network Management

When your network is well managed, you can avoid events that diminish productivity and impact customers negatively such as the slowing of applications or websites, sudden spikes in bandwidth, declining VOIP quality, and explicable database crashes.

We will manage your network expertly to help you avoid all those problems and more.  We use a developed toolset and defined protocols that enable us to identify problems before they affect performance or create a crisis and make necessary adjustments to ensure your networks health.

Data Backup and Recovery

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. That means protecting your companies data is one of our key priorities.  It’s essential for your business to continue operating, even during a hardware or security failure, so we schedule and monitor daily backups.  If someone on your team unintentionally deletes a document or folder, don’t worry: we’ll be here to provide remote assistance and help you recover it quickly.

We will also help you develop a thorough backup plan that considers all categories of data involved and assign importance, analyze how often the data changes and how quickly it must be recovered, assess the equipment available to perform back-ups and whether off-site storage is necessary, and determine the best time to perform the backups.

Cyber Security

Your firm’s data is constantly under threat from diverse sources, each calculated to evade detection while mining and compromising your data.  We offer a complete portfolio of cyber-security solutions that both protect your data and prevent cyber-attacks.

  • Managed Endpoint Security:  Safeguards your company from malicious virus and malware attacks.
  • Next Generation Firewall:  Wire-speed integrated network platform that blocks sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application level and the port protocol level.
  • Employee Training & Education:  Educates employees about common vulnerabilities and threats to business operations, stresses the importance of data security and each employee’s responsibility to protect it.
  • Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) Development & Consulting:  Creation of critical policies (e.g. password, social media, IT device policies) for risk management.
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention:  Prevents data theft by identifying attach signatures within the network and issuing alerts.
  • Web Filter & Security:  Minimizes the risk of maware through real-time security updates, web security policy controls and custom filters.
  • Data Encryption:  Ensures data confidentiality with file and email data encryption.

Spam/Virus Protection

Let’s face it, the internet is today’s wild west.  To protect your company’s and your employees’ computers, data and information, everyone – even the most tech-savy company – could use some sophisticated assistance.

We will help you develop a thorough and effective spam/virus/malware protection program that includes scanning email and data before it even gets to your employees inbox.

Disaster Recovery

While you can’t prevent unexpected events from happening, with proper planning you can minimize their impact.  Knowing what to do when a disaster occurs is critical and requires meticulous preperation and the right resources.

We will help you define a disaster preparedness plan so you know how to react when disaster strike.  The plan will include outlining your firm’s technology infrastructure, creating an asset inventory, and defining service-level expectations and contigency policies.  We can also help by providing recovery resources and training, including replacement equipment and services, and getting your network up and running.

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What Clients Say:

"I'd like to thank the entire Wintsec team for the care and professionalism you have shown us over the years."

Mike Ragan

President, GT Telecom

"Switching to Wintsec's Hosted Voice Platform was one of the best moves we made. Everyone at our company now has their own dedicated phone line, the quality is so much better than our old, outdated phone system AND it is significantly less expensive. The team that set us up and installed the system were true professionals! Going with Wintsec was a no brainer. If you're not using a cloud based system like Wintsec's, then you're in the dark ages."

Andrew Merz

Principal, The Merz Group

""Thanks again for working so hard to get our systems hooked up this week. You guys are rock stars!"

Diana Vilares

Marketing Director, Workspace Property Trust

"Gary Smith and his team are consummate professionals. In order to remain cost effective, we look to Wintsec to supplement our technology needs. To hand off a project to Wintsec is to know that it will get done, done well and done in a timely fashion."

William Chrzanowski Jr

Director, Information Technology, Gramercy Property Trust

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